A Multinational Organization

The Gospel Coalition

What We Built

Reliable Multi-Purpose Web Experience

Interactive Supply has been the chosen web development partner of TGC since 2013, assisting TGC in becoming one of the most extensive Christian web presence online today.

What We Solved

Scalability, Performance, and Usability

Today, with an average of 2.5 million unique visitors per month, performance and availability are paramount. Yet early on, TGC had been experiencing considerably website slow load times and overall poor performance issues. These key performance indicators also led to low search engine ranking across all major search engines.


Continued Efficiency.

Together with TGC, we continue our mission to eliminate digital inefficiencies, optimize for speed, manage the massive amount of assets, and improve search engine ranking.


A Powerful Position Online

Over the years we have consolidated varied and aging content management systems into a simplified, manageable solution. We have modernized their infrastructure with load-balanced web servers while offloading podcasts and images to a content distribution network.

Converting many multinational sites into single WordPress multisite installation. The end result is a single codebase supporting 16 editions, 14 languages, and numerous website editors.

Launching each site ahead of major competitors on targeted search engines. As such, they are regularly ranking on the first page of Google for targeted keywords.

Talking numbers, the overall result was a technology cost savings of over 50%, page load times of < 700 ms (nearly as fast as the blink of an eye), and first page Google search ranking on well over 500 keywords and phrases.

We've been working with ISC for years for a reason: they are the best in the business. We wouldn't think of going with anyone else.

~ Seth Magnuson,
Director of Web & Events

Build an Asset, Not a Liability

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