Commercial Real Estate Development

NorthPoint Development

What We Built

New Digital Experience

Together with the NorthPoint marketing team, we developed a new website highlighting how NorthPoint approaches commercial real estate development and the importance of pleasing their client.

What We Solved

Previously Poor Web Experience

NorthPoint's previous developers were very little help and honestly exhausting to work with. We worked with them to understand their history, expectations and assess needs. We squashed their fears through a series of conversations and allowed their marketing team to design with confidence the new site experience.


New Design, Content Management, and Salesforce Integrations

With some design coaching from our team, Northpoint designed the site in-house. ISC developed on WordPress with a fully customized backend so NorthPoint could easily manage every single element themselves. Further consultations were centered around functionality training.


Clear Reading Experience

Today Northpoint provides a professional commercial look and feel they can confidently send to their potential clients. This has helped them define what sets them apart in the commercial real estate industry.

We continue to help enhance and maintain this website and have provided further development on other NorthPoint subsites. We enjoy seeing how well NorthPoint Development is flourishing through our partnership.

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