Biblical Law & Christian Legal Studies

Harvard Law School

What We Built

Easy To Use Website

Interactive Supply had the pleasure of working alongside some of the brightest and passionate people in education and law. Developing a baseline site to begin connecting with students, prospective students, alumni, and donors.

What We Solved

New Offering, New Audience

Program leaders challenged us to help provide a respectable yet accessible website experience. The beauty is in the making as we continue to think about how to serve students who will, in return, serve the world through a Christian worldview.


Content Management and Integrations

Interactive Supply designed and built the site on a WordPress platform focusing on rich content that would serve students in clarity around the program and the resources for the everyday Christian life.


Scalable Web Experience

We have continued to partner with the Harvard Law program by providing on-call support and consider future student-centric user enhancements. It's a simple experience

We knew we needed a web presence, and ISC delivered on that and so much more. They partnered with us from concept to completion and beyond. Their team was patient and attentive through the whole process, delivering not only a polished and artistic website but also providing a complete package of professional content services. This helped us quickly scale our online reach and reputation. I would highly recommend ISC.

~ Julie Hunt,
Program Manager

Build an Asset, Not a Liability

Your entire online presence should only provide value for your organization and peace of mind for everyone who uses it. We can guide you here.

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