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Biblical Recorder

What We Built

Easy To Use Website

Interactive Supply has been the chosen web development partner of Biblical Recorder since 2019, assisting Biblical Recorder in becoming one of the leaders amongst their peers in Southern Baptist news web services.

What We Solved

Brand Redesign, Management, and Usability

New leadership taking the helm Biblical Recorder allowed the opportunity to reassess the brand and brand web experience. Through design decisions and reimagining the website, Interactive Supply assisted leadership to drive at particular site goals such as increasing church classifieds and news categorization.


Content Management and Integrations

Interactive Supply designed and built the site on a WordPress platform focusing on rich content that highlighted Biblical Recorder news and resources and was fundamentally SEO-focused. Additionally, Interactive Supply used clean, news-centric imagery that brought professionalism and uniqueness.


Clear Reading Experience

We have continued to partner with Biblical Recorder by providing both support and user enhancements to push the platform to better support their audience in offering an informative, straightforward user experience.

Our continued partnership includes the hunt for better subscription tools, user design enhancements, saas technology integrations, and the ability to learn more about their audience through analytics.

The team at Interactive Supply Co. is smart, collaborative and focused on helping us find solutions that serve our readers. They offer us far more than a shiny website. Their designers and developers work with us to create a news media experience that is engaging, human and informative.

~ Seth Brown,
Executive Editor

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