Bethlehem College and Seminary
October 28, 2017
Grace Church Roseville
January 15, 2017

A web marketing plan centered on presenting Family Innovations as leaders in family counseling.


Powerful Mobile Experience

Our goal was to provide multiple ways for users to find the appropriate counselor and or location. Filtered and tags allow users to search, click, and discover the provider of choice.

Project Overview

Web Design & Development

A former web and marketing company had neglected the previous website which caused security, spam, and website outages. These issues began to compound over time and caused Family Innovations to lose search ranking.
On urgent request we were asked to provide a solid solution with a forward-thinking marketing plan for both short-term and long-term opportunities.

We successfully rescued and then quickly developed the new website with a mobile first design. Interactive Supply continues to manage public facing properties successfully.

Digital Marketing

Leading with a new message 'The beginning of something better...' we continue to craft micro messages that connect with their customers.
Interactive Supply provides strategy, content creation, campaign creation, paid advertising management, and social management for Family Innovations.

Our goal is to present Family Innovations as the leaders in counseling services while keeping the approachable voice their clientele is familiar.