Mental Rubik’s Cube

Aggregating the products from 14+ insurance providers and their various forms of APIs was no easy feat.  The magic of this project is that we were able to coalesce into a single, beautiful, unified experience a myriad of legal, technical and UX requirements.

Yonder Travel Insurance

Yonder Travel Insurance is an innovative startup that is making the process of acquiring travel insurance easy, informative and fun. At its core Yonder is a socially conscious enterprise pledging a week’s worth of food to a child refugee for every policy sold.

Behind the beautiful face of Yonder is a world class API that we built to interface with 14 (and counting) travel insurance provider APIs. In an industry with very little commonality we were able to distill a common standard by which to display the data of these providers. Utilizing a multi threaded, asynchronous architecture we achieved a scalable solution that can accommodate numerous future API implementations.

We’re not afraid of commitment. We love long term relationships and Yonder is one of them. Because of our ongoing maintenance agreement we have been able to build out numerous new features that are a result of their growth as a startup. Time to market for these features is dramatically reduced because our team is intimately familiar with their product.

Sales Performance

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