A Journey from the Printing Press to WordPress: Subscription Strategy, Massive Migration, and UX Overhauls

As a nearly 200 year old entity, BR Now needed a way to usher its readers into a seamless digital experience. Together, we formed a content strategy, migrated massive amounts of data from legacy content management systems, successful digital subscriptions along with greatly improving design functionality and user experience. This helped propel BR Now into the digital marketplace.

BR Now

The Biblical Recorder, or BR Now, began as an independent publisher nearly 200 years ago. Their team is committed to high reporting standards as they explore creative solutions for publishing content on print and digital platforms. They also strive to create a Christian news media environment where advertisers and ministry partners feel confident about sharing their message with their readers. Recently, it has sought to bring its readers into the digital world by offering digital and text-based service subscriptions. 

The Problem

BR now was migrating from a print newspaper to a digital site. Their first few rounds of their site was built on an outdated content management system that could no longer function without much user difficulty. They needed heavy-lifting migration, an updated look and feel, and an overall better user experience.

Our Solution

After a lot of conversation and planning with BR Now, we successfully implemented new subscription services, migrated nearly a decade of content to their new server, optimized their site map, and housed it all in a beautiful reader-optimized design. 

The Results

We implemented functional subscription services that has generated increased revenue for BR Now. This has caused readers and subscribers to their publication to increase greatly.

We improved the user experience of the site via a modern design and easier functionality. As a result, readers have greatly enjoyed using their digital platform with a comfortable reading experience.

We switched their servers and migrated their content from outdated sources to an optimized platform. After moving their content from Kentico to our WordPress server, their page load speed has increased substantially from their old platform.


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