Company-Driven Website Management: From Captive to Captivating

NorthPoint was enabled to break free from being unable to manage their own website due to a poor buildout. We worked with them to understand their history, expectations and needs. And we used our series of conversations to unlock for them a competitive advantage through their all-new web platform.

Northpoint Development

Established 2012, NorthPoint Development is a privately held real estate development firm specializing in the development of Class A Real Estate facilities. Their firm differentiates itself from competitors through a strong engineering, technical, and data driven focus. They employ numerous data scientists, as well as, civil, geotech, electrical, industrial, and computer engineers. Their approach in all business relationships is to be fair and to operate by the “Golden Rule”.

The Problem

Northpoint was, in a word, held hostage by their prior web developer. Their site was built in such a way that only their developers could use and maintain their site. This rendered the site very difficult for them to use. They desperately needed a different approach – both functionally and aesthetically.

Our Solution

We talked them through what reasonable expectations were for website management – that all companies have the right to functionally own and operate their own site. We then rebuilt their site on WordPress with a fully customizable backend so they could easily manage every single thing themselves. Further consultations were centered around functionality training.

The Results

We created a fully customized and editable WordPress backend by the internal marketing team. This has revolutionized their ability to manage every single aspect of their content without being dependent on us. 

We refreshed their design with a professional commercial look and feel. This has helped them compete with others in their industry by making them more accessible and inviting.

We were able to hook up their site with their CRM, Salesforce. We were able to make their website a one-stop utility for NorthPoint by hooking up different third-party software like Salesforce.

We continue to help with maintenance and further development on other subsites. We enjoy seeing how well NorthPoint Development is flourishing through our partnership.


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