Starting from Scratch while Maintaining a Legacy: Building an Audience, Strategizing Content, and Developing a Web-Platform

Once we were able to provide consultation, strategy and practical steps forward, Harvard Law School launched another world-class program to add to their already successful repertoire.

Harvard Law School

Founded in 1817, The Harvard Law School has been a world leader in its contribution to justice and law. Many notable graduates have issued from HLS including former United States Presidents, U.S. Supreme Court Justices, U.S. Senators, and many others. In the past few years, HLS decided it wanted to begin a new program called the Program on Biblical Law and Christian Legal Studies. The inspiration for this was driven from a passion to inspire transformation and change throughout the world by integrating law, leadership, and life with the study, debate, and application of the teachings of the Bible.

The Problem

Harvard Law School wanted to start a brand new program. This means zero traffic, zero awareness, and zero online presence. They needed to stand tall among their peers and exude the same legendary status that its entity has held for centuries.

Our Solution

We provided consultation on appropriate and substantive communication for Harvard to the world so that when it was time to launch, Harvard would know exactly what and how to publish the right content. We also optimized and managed their search engine results(SEO and SEM) to make sure their programs and content were displayed to the largest audience. To cover audiences both wide and focused, we worked on a more exclusive communication strategy that entailed more focused content to be delivered directly and repetitively through third-party platforms. We housed all this in an ADA compliant site design and build that continued Harvard’s prestigious legacy. 

The Results

We built a high performing website in accordance with strict ADA compliance. They needed accessibility, and we were able to deliver a site that was built according to the most up-to-date requirements so that all people could access it without a problem.

Strategic Content consultations for optimal reach and site authority building. Being a completely new program, Harvard Law School needed to establish credibility and authority quickly. We worked with them to create the best ways to develop the most effective awareness campaigns through Google Ads and SEO.

Established MailChimp workflow for successful communication. We hooked up their direct communication platforms so they could immediately begin acquiring leads and amassing a following of interested people.

Ongoing web platform support and creative digital communication. We are happy to continue to hold them high to achieve their goals by keeping their website shiny and optimized as well as lending a hand in creating digital communication assets for publicity.


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